Wednesday, October 3, 2012

'A Grave Mistake'

I have fallen,

Into the deep abyss.
A point of no return.

Death was waiting at the door,
Entrap, by the snares and lies of man.
So deceitful, such audacity.

So foolish was I,
Such ignorance, and yet so arrogant was I .
knowing not what is to come.

I was standing at an edge, 
A point of condemnation,
With the destruction of my soul. 

How much regret, 
And sadness grip my soul.
I wept and cried. 

Oh my, 
What a great demise.
The greatest mistake of my life. 

The beating of my chest,
The sadness of my cry,
How ashamed am I . 

Tainted by darkness,
To the core of my being,
Time can never erased this memory.

Time can never heal,
This wound of mine,
For it is the beginning of an ending.

I think I stand, 
and yet how great a fall,
A fall too great indeed.

I could not see,
The light,
At the end of the tunnel.

As time goes by,
My,my, how time flies.
This wounds of my heart stop bleeding.

This wounds,
The scars of my soul,
Still pricks my heart.

This wounds,
They speak to me, 
Benjamin, stop playing a fool.

I was given a hope, 
A chance to make things right. 
The last thread of hope.

Be strong, be strong.
Lift up the hands,
That falleth down.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

There comes a time,
Where time pauses,
Frozen in a stolen time.

In this state of mind,
That the battles are nigh,
Will you be strong in the night?

For we fight and fought.
In the battle realms of our mind.
With strength and courage.

Its time, its time.
Tick-tock, tick-tock,
In the end of times.